Government Grants

At Morrie Weinberg & Associates, we facilitate the entire A to Z process that permits corporations to receive government grants (federal and/or provincial) to cover a portion of the costs of a variety of projects.

Whether you are engaging an HR consultant, expanding your business, introducing new technology to your organization or making major capital investments, you may be eligible for a government grant.

If you are thinking about any special projects, from writing new job descriptions to expanding to new markets to increasing the size of your warehouse, please contact us for a free consultation to determine whether you will be eligible for a government grant.

Quebec Pay Equity

The Pay Equity Act requires all companies with 10 or more employees to perform an evaluation to ensure there is no systematic discrimination between predominantly female jobs and predominantly male jobs of equal value within their organization.

Since the enactment of the law in 1996, we have helped hundreds of our clients ensure their conformity with the law and assisted in dozens of audit reconciliations.

Whether you are an organization of 10 or 200 employees, our expertise in the Pay Equity Act will ensure you are compliant with and conforming to every aspect of the law. If you are unsure if you are subject to the law or have received letters from the government asking you to complete your exercise, please contact us for a free consultation.

Quebec 1% Training tax

The Workforce Skills Development and Recognition Act, or 1% Training Tax, requires all Quebec organizations with a gross payroll over $2,000,000 ($1,000,000 up until 2015)  to invest 1% of their payroll in training. There are a wide variety of activities that are considered admissible training, from internal on-the-job training, to external classroom training, however they must all be supported with the required backup documentation.

We work with our clients to ensure all possible training activities are captured and documented in a professional, audit-proof manner. We can also recapture taxes paid unnecessarily over the last 4 years.

Whether you are being audited, recently crossed the $2M threshold or want to ensure your documentation conforms to the government’s requirements, please contact us for a free consultation.

Design Tax Credit

The Fashion Design Tax Credit allows for qualified Quebec corporations to receive a tax credit related to the salaries of designers, pattern makers or graphic designers on staff. Whether your manufacturing process is overseas or here at home, if you employ fashion designers in Quebec, or use external design consultants, you may be eligible for a tax credit of up to 24% of your employee’s salaries.

We have helped dozens of clients claim hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax credits over the years. Our close relationship with the analysts and auditors verifying every claim allows us to ensure maximum credit claims for all our clients.

If you think you may be eligible for the Fashion Design Tax Credit, please contact us for a free consultation.

Human Resources Management

All organizations can benefit from a practical, strong organizational structure, clear management expectations, well defined job descriptions and candidate profiles. At MWA, we work closely with our trusted associates to help our clients establish formal recruitment and indoctrination methodology that ensure effective training and smooth integration into their environment.

We also offer management coaching and assistance to help mentor, guide and advise senior management on a structured basis to achieve their goals and objectives.

If your company needs a human resources overhaul, is looking to update their job descriptions or create an employee manual, please contact us for a free consultation.

Systems and Information Technology

Business Process Re-engineering – evaluating overall operating procedures, tools and internal control systems to improve efficiency, accuracy and employee performance. This is accomplished through a combination of streamlining processes and improving the use of technology.

Computer Software Acquisition/Implementation – ensuring the need and cost justification for software replacement, a criteria-based selection process and negotiation of price and terms on the “best value” software proposition. This is then followed by the most critical challenge, the implementation planning and the ultimate project management.

Our network of trusted associates also offer services in the following areas:

Recruitment, Scientific Research & Experimental Development, Financial Consulting, Social Media Marketing etc…