About Morrie Weinberg & Associates Inc.

At Morrie Weinberg & Associates, we are a multi-service management consulting firm specializing in Government Grants, Quebec Pay Equity, Quebec 1% Training Tax, Design Tax Credit and Information Technology.

Our mission is to help our clients reduce the costs of projects through strategic government grants, ensure government compliance, avoid financial exposure, recover taxes paid unnecessarily and maximize their efficiency, productivity and profitability.
All of our consultants are bilingual senior business advisors with extensive consulting experience in various areas of specialization. Our successful track record is based on our expertise, experience and inter-personal skills.

Morrie Weinberg

B. Comm., Adm.A, CMC

President & CEO

Morrie is a graduate of McGill University and a Certified Management Consultant with over 35 years of business consulting experience.
Morrie’s ability to communicate professionally with owners, senior management and staff alike, allows him to objectively evaluate a company’s systems, processes, technology and human resources. The result is the delivery of tangible improvements in productivity, morale, efficiency and profitability

Finally, Morrie’s established expertise in Government Grants and his excellent relationships with government representatives have delivered hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to his clients. These grants cover consulting, capital investment, business development, technology projects, etc.

Jason Berke

B. Comm.


Jason holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a concentration in Human Resources Management from Concordia University. His extensive experience in mobile technology, human resources management and retail operations management allow him to execute MWA mandates with expertise and efficiency.

Since joining the MWA team, Jason has successfully completed hundreds of mandates in the areas of Pay Equity, 1% Training Tax and the Fashion Design Tax Credit.

He is passionate about ensuring all MWA clients’ mandates are handled with care and precision while achieving only the highest level of results.

Other associates

Our network of trusted associates also offer services in the following areas:

  • Recruitment
  • Scientific Research and Experimental Development
  • Training and Development
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Financial Consulting, etc…


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