Over the past year, Revenu Quebec has seemingly increased the number of payroll audits that include the 1% training tax area. While the 1% training tax law is fairly black and white, auditors are using their discretion and autonomy to dig deep and request documentation that is not strictly written in the law. These grey areas the auditors look into can cause many problems for companies who think they have the right documentation, provide what they have to the auditor, and then find out what they have is not sufficient and are hit with major assessments. Once you have given documents to the auditor, it is much harder to have these assessments reversed, than it is when the documents are reviewed by a professional before.

It is very important that you ensure all your documentation is up-to-speed before anything is given to the auditors. This will reduce the chances you have of being assessed any amount, and will give you piece of mind going forward that your documentation is more than sufficient. We can help!