There have been very few changes to the Quebec Pay Equity act since its inception in 1997. One minor change has come with respect to the maintenance of your pay equity evaluations. The Act states that an exercise must be completed no more than every 5 years. In the past, letters were sent out to companies reminding them that their maintenance exercise was due “by” (“d’ici le…”) a certain date. However, several months later, the CNESST started sending letters reminding companies they were due to complete their maintenance on an anniversary date, exactly 5 year after their previous due date. This caused some confusion as initially, companies were completing their exercise several months early, to ensure they were compliant. Now, the CNESST asking companies to complete their exercise at a specific anniversary date, rather than within the 5 year timeline.

If you’re company completed their pay equity maintenance exercise earlier than the 5 year anniversary date, you may not have to worry as there could be a simple way to avoid having re-do an exercise. We can help!